These days, finding useful mobile phone applications is becoming more of a challenge. There have been countless applications released since the inception of the iTunes and Droid marketplace, many of them providing users with little to no real value. Finding mobile apps that provide users with essential and reliable functions is like digging for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, when it comes to serious injury auto collisions, the choice for free apps doesn’t have to put you over the edge.

The Car Accident SideKick is a mobile app available on the Droid and iTunes marketplace that has received very favorable reviews and is provided for free. Designed to guide users through the process of providing emergency assistance immediately following a collision and documenting the scene to protect you from conflicting information amongst those involved, the Car Accident SideKick has helped a number of victims help themselves and others when faced with difficult decisions.


With no shortage on positive feedback, the makers of the Car Accident SideKick seem to have hit the nail on the head. Providing users with a wide array of functions that are specifically designed to help make auto accidents as simple as possible, drivers are now less likely to make common mistakes that jeopardize their futures. The following is a list of functions provided by the Car Accident SideKick mobile app.

  • Accident Tip Checklist
  • Emergency Tools
  • Easy completion of accident report forms with on-scene photo and audio recording capabilities
  • One-touch access to taxis and tow trucks
  • One-touch insurance claim filing
  • Real-time, GPS-enabled “Best Attorney” locator

Victims of serious injury car accidents can find themselves on the wrong end of a personal injury lawsuit if they do not properly document their accident. Downloading the car accident sidekick may provide you and your family with all the protection you will need.

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